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Council candidate breaches restraint order against elderly lady
A council candidate has been accused of “bullying” after he breached a restraint order against an elderly tenant in his son’s West Moonah unit.

As a result of this article in the Mercury, many people in Hobart, and elsewhere, believe that I harassed and bullied an elderly lady. I did no such thing. The Mercury said I did. The Mercury was wrong and, I believe, deliberately so. The evidence clearly shows that:
  • I did not bully / harass any elderly lady; and
  • the Mercury deliberately picked the time to do most damage to my reputation during the City of Hobart Council elections.
The Mercury has  no evidence of wrong-doing on my part, instead choosing to believe the words of a person who has a proven long history of lying, bullying, and harassing adjoining owners / tenants.

In 2019, relating to the proposed 'Welcome Stranger' development, I was accused of racism, harassment, and bullying, by a City of Hobart elected member (now re-elected). The Code of Conduct Panel determined that I was not guilty of any of his complaints, and the elected member himself was guilty of 20+ charges of harassment and bullying. Keep in mind that a number of elected members are strongly, and actively, pro-development, even when a proposal is ugly and totally out of character for Hobart, as the 'Welcome Stranger' proposal was.

The latest issue is very similar.

In 2022, I was again accused of racism, harassment, and bullying. The Mercury put the racism accusation aside after I provided evidence of my interaction with a number of non-caucasian people. But, despite evidence to the contrary, the Mercury found me guilty of harassment and bullying, based on the accusations of a woman XX. XX has a proven history of harassment and bullying; details follow. XX has connections with a real estate agent who stood for election in the 2018 HCC elections, a member of the team led by the elected member mentioned above.

The Mercury ignored XX's history of harassing and bullying owner/tenants of adjoining properties.
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