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The 1st article was removed after the damage was done, and a new less-damaging article put in its place.

On the morning of publication of the 1st article, a complaint was lodged and the issue went to News Limited legal department in Surrey Hills, NSW. The reply from their Legal Counsel stated:

"I am instructed that, on a without admissions basis, our clients have amended the article the subject of your email. Notwithstanding, we note that our clients consider the article to be a fair report of the court proceedings."

Just to be clear, they did not 'amend' the article. They took it down and put up a new article.

It's standard practice for legal departments to put in a disclaimer, but a new article is, I believe, an admission of serious errors / bias in the original article.

And, the 1st article was not "a fair report of the court proceedings". Far from it.
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